Kamis, 07 April 2011

Chemistry Between me and SUEDE gig (Blackberry Live and Rockin)

I have soooo much fun in this gig by Ismaya Live and Blackberry, because the invited SUEDE to this gig. they're also inviting another artist such as 2PM, Shontelle and Taio Cruz. BUT the best of the best is SUEDE (#IMO) lol. i think they're must call legend because their show hypnotized us, even they're old now buuuut they're like WOW....!!

here's some pic.. enjooy!!
My Beeotch x Me
my gig candies
gig candies x partner crime <3


Me x Purna Undead

Purna Undead

Screamin Brett Anderson.. Wohhooooo


Random lights by joewiiee


Val x Me

the thing in my head until now is " I WANT MORE SUEDE" Addict!!
I wear : Tosavica Cropped tee's Here: Tosavica , Carla's Black Hareem, Polkadot Headpiece, Random things in my hand cant describe -___-"

pstttt i met my fave fashion blogger Diana Rikasari (hot Chocolatte and mint)  
who's i stalk almost everyday but too shy to take pic with her she's just too cute :D


see ya at another gigs sugahhhhhhh'

Smoooch!!! :* :* :*

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