Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Anna Karenina

Helloooo Happy Saturday ppl..

i am sooooo busy this day, busy too read a novel "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy a Russian writer.
my motive to read this 806 pages novel are : the writer is Russian which i love that country (wondering my name Juwita Arkadyevna) i think that's cool, second i love its cover very lovely and vintage, and last one is to improve my lame english..

love love love vintage cover

it looks boring at first but Tolstoy is genious about detail so i enjoy every detail he wrote like i am really there with Anna Karenina :">

so try to read this book and ENJOY!!

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What i wear : Purple Lace Shirts (my mom closets), Flowery Headpiece (Made it my self)

well if u lazy to read about Anna Karenina , Watch it Anna Karenina the Movie see the trailer here Anna Karenina Trailer ..

and meeet yummy dress

Joewiiee, happy saturday mate!

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